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The App for families who share custody of children.


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Helping parents work together... separately.



Know someone who could use the SharedCare App?

When it comes to
co-parenting, SharedCare™ keeps you in control of every possible aspect..


Reduce the tensions and focus on what's really important... taking positive and responsible care of the kids.

Mum, dad, brother, aunty, grandparents or babysitters... anyone can be added to your secure group and kept in the loop with vital information.

Securely share information to everyone who needs it.


We all know that life is pretty busy when you have kids and especially when you find yourself co-parenting. Staying informed of pick up/ drop off times, ever changing care arrangements, finances or simply having access to important health information can be difficult.

SharedCare™ for iPhone and Android makes all these tasks and more a whole lot easier.

Available in English, Spanish, French & German.

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